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Before getting into Real Estate, Megan worked in the dental field. Spending 10+ years as a Dental Assistant and growing into senior leadership ‘hats’ made her realize how much she enjoyed helping and serving others. After leaving her job in the dental field, Megan decided to pursue a customer service-based career in Real Estate. Due to a strong attention to detail and checklist mindset, transaction coordinating was the perfect fit! 


Working as the Transaction Coordinator of The Dahlia Group, she is hands-on with each transaction while serving both clients and agents with the best standards and practices. She helps everyone involved in the transaction to ensure communication is received, deadlines are met, and all paperwork is signed, sealed, and delivered on time. She works diligently to arrive at settlement day with all the stress and hard work behind us!


When she’s not at work, she enjoys spending quality time with her husband and their three girls. Megan also enjoys playing in a local women’s softball league.



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